We supply lime mortar mix for building, conservation and renovation projects.

We Sell Lime have been working in the stonemason industry for over 30 years and understand the benefits of using lime mortar mix. At We Sell Lime we are focused on providing high quality lime mortar mix for sale offering brand name products combined with efficient customer service levels.

You’ll find everything you need to know about our Lime Mortar on our website and purchasing our range of lime products such as the popular Secil natural lime NHL 5, NHL 3.5 and  NHL 2 is a straightforward process.


Best Selling Products

We sell a wide range of natural hydraulic lime  products suitable for the conservation and preservation of Scotlands built heritage. We also sell a range of tools for lime works such as trowels, pointing key chisels, hammers and buckets and much more. View our shop page or give us a call for a full product and price list. 

30 Years experience in the stonemason industry

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