Secil NHL 2 (25kg)


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Secil Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL 2) 25kg

NHL 2 is a lower strength Natural Hydraulic Lime used to make Lime Mortar, Lime Render and Lime Plaster for internal or sheltered external use. It will create a slow-setting mortar. It can be applied onto various new or aging substrates like brick, chalk, cob, stone, and other types of soft, porous masonry.

This hydraulic lime product offers breathability and flexibility, making it ideal for the renovation of older buildings. It can also be used for interior and exterior render, as mortar for stable masonry, as grouting for soft-tile or stone flooring, as a strengthening grout, as lime concrete, and as lime-hemp concrete (hempcrete). Once mixed, the product can be applied manually or machine-sprayed onto the surfaces.


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